On January 1, Wolverine Power Cooperative’s seven members and 268,000 member-consumers rang in the new year by cutting their carbon footprint from electricity by 25 percent. Now, more than half of their energy is carbon-free.

“Wolverine’s mission to provide reliable and cost-competitive power to its members remains steadfast after more than 70 years,” said Eric Baker, president and chief executive officer of Wolverine Power Cooperative. “Within the scope of that mission, our members look to us for more renewable and carbon-free energy, and we’re proud to deliver.”

To achieve the 56 percent carbon-free energy portfolio, Wolverine Power Cooperative signed a new long-term contract for zero-emission energy that significantly reduces emissions from carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, as well as helps ensure cost-competitive and reliable power for years to come.

The new carbon-free energy comes in addition to Wolverine’s current solar, wind, and hydro energy assets, which provide 20 percent of members’ power. Wolverine and its members lead Michigan utilities with the highest percentage of new renewable energy, exceeding both present and anticipated state portfolio requirements.

Among these renewable assets is more than 150 megawatts of recently added wind and solar energy, including the construction of SpartanSolar—Northern Michigan’s largest solar array.