CADILLAC—Wolverine Power Cooperative announced today that it plans to develop a new, natural gas-fueled electric generating facility called the Alpine Power Plant in Elmira Township, Otsego County, west of Gaylord. Wolverine, a not-for-profit electric cooperative, provides wholesale electric power to six electric cooperatives throughout Michigan.

“Wolverine is excited about moving forward with a new natural gas peaking plant, “said Ken Bradstreet, Wolverine spokesman. “Our Alpine Power Plant will provide a nice balance to Wolverine’s existing power supply portfolio, while at the same time increasing electrical reliability in Northern Michigan and complementing the ever increasing amount of renewable energy in Michigan.”

Wolverine intends to present its plans for the development to both the Elmira Township Planning Commission and the Otsego County Planning Commission within the next month. Wolverine will also submit an application for an air quality permit with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

After a nearly two-year evaluation, Wolverine chose the Elmira Township site and entered into property options for nearly 170-acres of land. The location was chosen, in part, due to the convergence of existing interstate natural gas pipelines and high-voltage electric transmission lines on the property.

Wolverine expects the project investment associated with the Alpine Power Plant will exceed $100 million and provide significant tax revenues to several local units of government.

“The Alpine Power Plant will provide a major boost to the local economy,” said Bradstreet. “In addition, the plant will be built with existing funds and have little, if any, rate impact on Wolverine’s member-cooperatives and the member consumers they serve throughout rural Michigan.”