Project Overview

The Alpine Power Plant will ensure clean, reliable energy and affordable electric rates for Wolverine’s members.

Fast Facts

  • Location: Elmira Township, Michigan

  • Technology: Simple cycle gas turbine

  • Fuel: Natural gas

  • Type: Peaking plant

  • Investment: Approx. $200 million

Visual Appearance

Aerial View

The plant’s geographic footprint will be relatively small. It will measure approximately 600 ft by 600 ft, about the size of a soccer stadium.

Plant Entrance

The plant is sited on the north side of M-32 between Flott Rd and Camp Ten Rd. The facility will be well screened by trees and landscaping.

Alpine Power Plant Height

At just 100 feet tall and nestled in the trees, the plant will be far less visible than other types of infrastructure.

Project Timeline

Environmental Impact

The Alpine Power Plant will have a minimal environmental impact on the surrounding area.


A noise study concluded that from the road, sound levels from the Alpine plant will measure approximately 60 A-weighted decibels (dBA). Comparatively, a normal conversation between two people in an office or restaurant setting is approximately 60 dBA as well.


Nitrogen Oxide

Carbon Dioxide

Sulfur Dioxide